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9.1. No. of Bank Branches and Deposits as at June 2014 9.2. Level of NR Deposits and Advances as at June 2014
9.3.CD Ratio and Investments as at June 2014 9.4. Data on Priority Sector Advances as at June 2014
9.5. Data on Agriculture advances as at June 2014 9.6. Data on SME advances as at June 2014
9.7. Data on Housing advances as at June 2014 9.8. Data on Sub Sectors of Other Priority Sector as at June 2014
9.9. Data on SCSTs & National Priorities as at June 2014 9.10. Data on DRI and Centrally Sponsored schemes as at June 2014
9.11. DCP District wise Achievement for 2014-15 9.12. DCP Bank wise Achievement for 2014-15
9.13 SJSRY - UWSP-District wise 9.14. SJSRY - UWSP-Bankwise
9.15. SJSRY - USEP District wise 9.16. SJSRY - USEP Bank wise
9.17. Performance Under Rural Godown, Agri Clinic & Agri Business Centres 9.18.Performance under KCC Scheme as at June 2014
9.19.SHGs Maintaining SB Accounts 9.20.Mode of Linkage - SHGs Financed Directly by Banks
9.21.Mode of Linkage - SHGs Financed Directly with NGO Facilitation 9.22.Mode of Linkage - SHGs Financed through the medium of NGOs
9.23. Performance under SCC, ACC & LUCC 9.24.Financial Inclusion data as at June 2014
9.25.Progress Report under Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme as at June 2014 9.26.Progress Report on ATMs by the Bank as on 30.06.2014
9.27.Progress Report on Joint Liability Groups(JLGs) as on 30.06.2014 9.28. Performance under Education Loan Scheme as at June 2014
9.29. Data on Financial Assistance Rendered to Women 9.30. District wise data on Flow of Bank Credit to Minorities as at June 2014
9.31. Data on Advances Outstanding under Industrial Sector (SME) 9.32. Position of Sick MSEs
9.33. Recovery Performance under Govt. Sponsored Schemes 9.34. Performance under Gold Loan
9.35. Banking Statistics of District Co-operative Banks (DCBs) as at June 2014 9.36. Guidelines of Rajiv Rinn Yojana (RRY)
9.37. SSA Mapping as 09.09.2014 9.38. Progress in opening of branches in unbanked Panchayats - As on 09.09.2014




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