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SLRM 2012

7.1-7.11- Banking Statistics and Disbursement 7.12-7.13-DCP Achievement for 2011-12
7.14-7.16-DCP Target for 2012-13 7.17-7.18 - SGSY Bankwise-March 2012
7.19 -7.20-PMEGP Performance 2011-12 7.21- Agriclinic,Rural Godown,Agribusiness and KCC implementation KCC
7.22-7.23 - KCC Performance as at March 2012 & Target for 2012-13 7.24-7.27- Micro Credit Progress (SHG)
7.28- SCC,Artisans and LUCC 7.29-7.35- Progress Under Reverse Mortgage,Debt Swap,JLG,IAY ,ATM,Financial Inclusion and ISHUP
7.36-Educational Loan 7.37- Data on Financial Assistance Rendered to Women
7.38-Minority District Wise 7.39- Data on Advances Outstanding under Industrial Sector (SME)
7.40-Position of Sick MSEs- Mar 12 7.41- Recovery Performance under Govt. Sponsored Schemes
7.42 -Performnace under Gold Loan 7.43--Banking Statistics of District Co-operative Banks as on March 2012
7.44- Performance under REMOT Scheme Coir Board as at March 2012 7.45-7.46-CGTMSE Data - March 2012 quarter
7.47-ISHUP as of March 2012 7.48-Performance of Banks in FI roadmap Villages as at April 2012
7.49-7.50-.RSETI Progress - 2011-12 7.51-FLCC - RBI - May 2012
7.52-7.53--FLCC Block wise allotment 7.54-Villages adopted by Bank on self imposed basis under FIP
7.55- Interest Subvention 7.56-RBI Circular on Revised KCC Scheme
7.57-7.58- Gist of Subsidy cum Refinance Scheme under JNNSM & Guidelines on LDLS 2011-12 under Supplementary Demands for grants 7.59-PMEGP Adjustment of MM -Guidelines from KVIC
7.60-7.61-List of the Projects financed underFIF & FITF and Guidelines for Support to Producers Organizations 7.62-Minutes of the Edn Loan Sub-Committee Meeting held on 10.04.2012
7.63-Revised IBA Guidelines (31.05.2012) on Model Education Loan Scheme 7.64-DFS guidelines on Micro Insurance Policies through BC
7.65-Format for monitoring branch opening progress - MAY 2012 7.66 -Education Loan Poster- Revised




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